How does one ask a question on DaniWeb?
I'll ask here for lack of knowledge on where to find the proper place.
I volunteer at a local library and try to help them keep their computers and network up. The library has hired two "professional
network" people that resulted in no solution, so I will try.
Since I'm somewhat new to networking and servers, I ask,"do
in house Windows servers cache home pages for display when clients open Internet Explorer, which has the URL of the out of state server set as the preferred home page?
All computers have IE set to empty temporary files upon closing, the disk space to use for cache is set to 8MB, the number of days to keep history is zero. All computers have DeepFreeze installed, updated and operational, which should have no bearing on the problem.
Recently they changed to larger capacity servers. The new servers were "set up" by a corporation and shipped in for the library. There seems to be a problem in the way whoever set them up did their configuration.
There are basically two systems, one is the card catalog
and in-house business system. The other is for the patrons to
use the internet.
The computers assigned to the card catalog/in-house system
can display the current months home page (hosted in a different city).
The computers assigned to the patron system can only display last months (incorrect) home page.
All patron computers have Windows XP. Group Policy in all patron computers is the same. It doesn't matter how group policy is set. With nothing "enabled", the patron computers still display the incorrect home page.
Will different versions of Java cause this? Will different versions of Windows XP cause this? (All computers are set to update
automatically). All computers are behind a Watchguard Firebox. All
computers have an Antivirus program which is updated daily.

Thank you for a response.