Dear Sir/Madam,

I have developed a software on game using VB 6.0 and Access, and I want to make that software as a Register Version. The software may ask the user for registration key at the time of installation or after specified period of time being installed.

I can make that software as ..
1) Software will ask for a registration key after 15 days (Specified Days) or after run/used by the user 15 times, keeping the value on database or in a control like textbox for comparing.

Here I want to know, will it be good practice to keep that comparing data on database or I have to keep that data somewhere else? Which will be the safe practice for future? If somewhere else how?

And I have no idea on how to make software which is asking for registration key at the time of installation. Please guide me.

Hi P.manidas,
I think this should not give you headache since you can save your Registration Key in File (I recommend you not to save your registration Key in database if you don't know how to use encryption). When ever your software opens ask for Registration Key if they have not registered. You can also save how many times they have opened in a file format which VB can read.


This subject has been covered many times over the years and as such, as search with your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) should provide you with some results...

Now, as for requesting a registration key upon installation you have many different choices on how to do this. There is the setup package that comes with VB, the PDW, which is customizable but it is outdated. Then there is the update for it, Windows Installer 1.1 (see pined thread on tips and tricks to find the link to download it from an archive site), which you can also customized with downloads from M$. Search M$ for Windows Installer SDK. Then there is Inno, wise, and a few more out there.

NOTE: If you decide to make alterations to the Setup1.exe project (found where VB is installed), I suggest that you make two copies of it. One for backup, and one for alterations.

Now, if you don't want to go with the setup route, you can go an easier way and that is alterating your project so when it runs the first time it prompts for the registration key...

Good Luck

Hi P.manidas,
See my attached help I have made for you. In my example i have used .DAT file to save my Registration Key, with Number of times used and whether user have registered or not.

Use 1234567890 as Registration Key in my example.


Dear all,

Thank you for guiding me in such a way which has given me some information in this subject.

Thank you.

Hi P.manidas,
If your thread is solved please mark it as resolved so that people who need similar help can view this thread and helpers will also not waste their time going through this thread.


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