When a post is moved, could you please change the post icon from the purple new to the grey nothing immediately? Leaving it a purple new causes problems as we click on the 'new' icon, since that's what we see.

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Fixed, but you may need to clear your cache.

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Not sure what you mean. Whether or not it is "new" is a built-in vBulletin feature.

Purple icons are clickable to get to the first unread post.
When a post is moved, the purple NEW icon is displayed. It is not clickable.
Not being clickable but purple causes problems when it is clicked.

OK, I will check it out :)


Fixed, but you may need to clear your cache.

thank you!

Not fixed yet.

In the C++ forum, the thread Moved: Database recommendation had the purple NEW icon when I logged in.

Looks ok for me (using IE8). Its a round white circle.

Walt, had you cleared your cache?

:$ no :icon_redface: sorry