Hello, I'm trying to make a facebook wall-alike php script.

It loads the posts stuff, photo url and user stuff like username and user id from my MySQL database. It also checks if the post is just a comment to another post (parentof). I can present all the original posts with pictures with a simple do-while using <table> tags .

But how could I present the comments under every post? I guess with another do-loop, but how?

Here is my code:


require_once "config.php";
	$result = mysql_query('SET NAMES utf8');
	$result = mysql_query('SET CHARACTER SET utf8');
	$wallhaku = mysql_query("SELECT `wall`.`post_id`, `wall`.`parentof`, `wall`.`sentby`, `wall`.`text`, `wall`.`image_url`, `users`.`username`, `users`.`photopath`, `users`.`name`, `users`.`member_id` FROM `wall` LEFT JOIN `users` ON `wall`.`sentby` = `users`.`member_id` WHERE parentof=0 ORDER BY post_id DESC") or die (mysql_error());
	$row_wallhaku = mysql_fetch_array($wallhaku);
<table width="800" height="120" border="0" cellpadding="10">
<?php $i=0; $numberpage=1;
	do {
	$wallid = $row_wallhaku['post_id'];
	$parenthaku = mysql_query("SELECT post_id, parentof FROM wall WHERE parentof=$wallid") or die (mysql_error());
	$row_parenthaku = mysql_num_rows($parenthaku);
	if($i%$numberpage==0) echo "<tr>";?>
	  <td width="120" align="left">
      <img src=<?php echo $row_wallhaku['photopath']; ?> height=	"100" width="100">
	  <td width="600" align="left">
    <a href="member.php?id=<?php echo $row_wallhaku['member_id']; ?>"><?php echo $row_wallhaku['name']?></a><br /><p><?php echo $row_wallhaku['text'];
	if($row_wallhaku['image_url']=="0") {
    <p align="right"><?php echo $row_parenthaku ?> kommenttia.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="post.php?id=<?php echo $row_wallhaku['post_id']; ?>">Lue, kommentoi</a> <?php } ?></td>
<?php $i++; if($i%$numberpage==0) echo "</tr>";
    <td width='800' colspan='2' align='center'>
	<a href="post.php?id=<?php echo $row_wallhaku['post_id']; ?>"><img src=<?php echo $row_wallhaku['image_url']; ?> height="180"></a>
    <p align="right"><?php echo $row_parenthaku ?> kommenttia.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="post.php?id=<?php echo $row_wallhaku['post_id']; ?>">Lue, kommentoi</a>
<?php } while ($row_wallhaku = mysql_fetch_assoc($wallhaku)); ?>

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A common problem with getting data for a running second queries. One solution I've used is to create an additional field, like this:

SELECT *, IF(parentof = 0,post_id,CONCAT(parentof,'.',post_id )) AS neworder FROM wall ORDER BY neworder

Note I've stripped other fields for clarity.

This can produce an order based on the following:



All you need to do is in your loop, if the parentof = 0, set a different title format etc, otherwise, format as replies.

Because you're using the table id to order, the comments should be ordered chronologically.

That sounds like a good idea, but not so well organized i guess.

That's why I separated comments into another table.
So now I got tables:
users, wall, comments.
Is there any way to loop and print comments to all posts? any other way?

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You need to bone up on joins since it should work even with sep tables

But I heard about some thing called "foreach" -loop. I read about it but don't know how to use it for my code. duh :/

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the whole point is that the sql I offered should ensure that you don't need to use foreach. Up to you.

Is foreach a bad thing then? Well what would be your mysql query? I didn't understand it, well, could google a bit :)

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From your eg.s you have 2 tables: users/wall.

SELECT users.*, wall.*, IF(wall.parentof = 0,wall.post_id,CONCAT(wall.parentof,'.',wall.post_id )) AS neworder FROM wall INNER JOIN users ON wall.user_id = users.user_id ORDER BY neworder

I don't know whether I got the related keys right, but that's a way to go with two tables. The fact that you now have 3 tables should make it just as simple.

OK, my last post on this thread. Good luck.

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