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What have you done??

There I was working my way slowly up the activity rankings (erm, I don't take them seriously, honest :)), when suddenly I see a Weekly total. Pah - This is just an extension of Today's Activity isn't it - some temporary list? No real difference IMO. How about reinstating the absolute All-Time Activity list?

Waah! Toys out of the pram! :(

I couldn't see another thread on this, apologies if another exists.

jonsca commented: You stick your pram in the loo, Mister. +0

Unfortunately, we had some database errors the other night. After spending quite awhile trying to figure it out myself, and then finally giving in and asking a MySQL consulting firm, the conclusion drawn was that the all-time list of activity points was too resource intensive to compute, and it actually nearly brought down the database when someone refreshed the page a bunch of times in a row (or so I think that's what happened). Additionally, it didn't make sense to cache it because it is only accessible from that one page that doesn't get enough traffic to make it worthwhile. Therefore, I had to replace all-time with week-long to make the MySQL table scan a bit more realistic.

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Fair one. :)

Still, I don't see the point of the week list AND the daily list - what about getting rid of the daily list? :)

If you can, could we then have something a bit more interesting in the gap it would leave?

Can't think what it would be though. How about a prize list? How's that going BTW? haven't heard anything about competitions/give-aways/prizes for a while.


what's going on - I'm getting 'test' in a white bar at the top of the page and flickering numbers of unread PMs - which on inspection don't exist. You wouldn't be tinkering now , would you? :)

> You wouldn't be tinkering now , would you?
Oh just maybe ;) I'm sorry ... I didn't realize that the 'test' was public. But yeah, been tinkering alllll weekend long.

Saw it too. I'm also being logged-out at random moments. Can this have something to do with the "tinkering"?

FWIW I would be happy to have just the daily activity ranking and no weekly or cumulative totals.

I would also be very sad indeed to see the daily activity ranking vanish though, as I use this spot spammers and other rogue users. A new username that suddenly appears towards the top of the list is almost always a spammer, and it's a very quick way of catching the ones that post in less obvious forums or in more subtle ways (links in punctuation for example)

I refresh the stats page a couple of times every visit as a result of the above, so was probably me crashing the database :)

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> ...very sad indeed to see the daily activity ranking vanish... I use this spot spammers and other rogue users

Fair enough. Get rid of the weekly one then.

I don't disagree with you :)

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I just got it.

How about instead of the Weekly List, a "Members on Most Ignore Lists" List. That would be amusing. You'd end up in some sort of positive feedback, with run-of-the-mill users seeing these guys at the top of the tree and adding them to their own ignore lists. Wonder how many people would respond to their inane questions then. :)