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I am working with a Software company and I have got an opportunity to work on Unix server but I just have basic knowledge of Unix and Linux. And I have to learn all the commands within a week. Is there any online tutorial or any website?
Please Help!

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this is for self study:

download all howtos and guides.

download ubuntu pocket guide by searching in google

lpi certification has online course selfstufy material. you will get details from their website http://www.lpi.org
selfstudy material is provided by ibm here: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/lpi/index.html

useful command list:

have a look at respective linux distro's wiki and help page

fullcircle magazine is online ubuntu free magazine
linux gazzet is another linux online magazine

its best if you can buy some great books on linux, so that each time you have printed guide in your hand e.g. beginning ubuntu linux third edition by keir thomas.
this book is also available at google books to read as free

Find an old computer, download and install LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) from the Ubuntu website. Bang around on it, get used the fact that there's no desktop interface and get it up and running with online tutorials. This way you will at least look like you have familiarity with the Linux server world and will have had most of your furstrations on your own time and have worked through them.


I am a beginner in linux .
i am using matchbox virtual keyboard for an application now i want to change the layout to
another langauge .
How to do it?
Is there any way to change the layout from terminal .
Kindly advice me suggestions.
Any help appreciated
Thanks in Advance

you don't

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Have to agree with Clanky. You simply dont (in one week).
Though, a good way to start is as Tommymac501 said. Install Ubuntu Server or CentOS (free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux) server without a graphical user interface and get some hands on experience with the tasks you will be doing at work. I'd also get a pocket ref (like the Linux Pocket Guide, Fedora Linux Toolbox or Red Hat Linux Pocket Administrator)

I don't really think you can.
You should never think about learning something like this...
If you can learn in one week, many can.
If that easy, what's the use of it.
Of course, you can learn LINUX for 24hours per day, it may help...

If you can learn Unix/Linux in 1 week than what about those who spend 30 years who work on Unix/Linux server. Many would not be able to compete with you.

I am new for Unix so if you can help me about the unix then please help me. Thank you.

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If you had to ask the question here, then it is already too late... There are a number of "Dummies" books for Linux, the BASH shell, etc. However, I have been managing and developing software on Unix/Linux systems for about 30 years, and I can't keep up with the changes. It is a continuing education. In any case, you need at the least to attain some mastery of shell scripting, cron, system and network services configuration, file systems and data storage, security, not to mention the hundreds of system applications that you will be using in those scripts, or at the command line. Finally, do get comfortable with reading the man pages, and find an editor you like so you can document what you learn as you learn it - writing things down helps fix it in memory, and gives you a searchable data base for stuff you can't quite remember how you did the last time. You won't need it so much after awhile, but it helps at first.

As of my knowledge learning linux , unix in a week is not possible. But it will be helpful if you have already some idea in Dos. There are lot's of tutorial online but those who can teach in a week it not possible. But there is a saying that where there is a will there is a way. Best of luck..

These is a lot of difference of linux, all bases Off Unix System. if you study authority line Unix. it will be very supportive in spite of which version of Linux you utilize. Many Linux Operating systems have interface, though they are somewhat dissimilar from each additional, and are diverse from windows.

Hi. you can find lots of stuff in google regarding linux. and easily you can learn

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in school i learned to use linux in just a few hours for a couple days,
so i wanna say it's easy , but mastering is futile. so what i would do
is have books and resources at my fingertips instead of trying memorizing,

get your company to hire me as a temp! hahha just kidding(i'm way too rusty)

i just realized this thread's 4 months old
i wonder how things went...

I want to get the answer too,does any way to learn the linux within a short time

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Learning all of the standard Linux commands in a week? Do you have a "wayback machine"? I've been using Unix/Linux for 30 years professionally and there are still commands that I don't know well; and I was the senior/principal software engineer for a top-60 software firm for 20 of those...

Anyway, install a mainstream version of Linux on your PC (at least in a virtual machine - I use Oracle's VirtualBox) and as suggested by others, download a lot of how-to's and such, and just start using it. Use the command line as much as possible since the GUI's available will insulate you too much from the actual commands that they use under the covers.

Good luck!

If you can learn Unix/Linux in 1 week than what about those who spend 30 years who work on Unix/Linux server. Many would not be able to compete with you.

He is asking about commands in Linux :(

Anyway to do it in 1 week is a very very hard and impossible thing. Better you can work another way. Start learning basic Linux commands then start working, then Google your needs. I hope it will workout better than trying to learn all commands in one week :P

This is not as easy as you think, but you can install the Ubuntu version into a virtual Box and there are free tutorials you can find in the web. try to deal with it, then you can learn many many things...

u can try tutorial for python for u and me by kushal das ..nice and easy for beginers...or otherwise read redhat tutorials.

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