I'm soon getting desperate.
I have tried and tried and tried to answer the response I got on my article, but every time I try, and click "Reply to this Article" it seems like I'm logged out and I'm adviced to be a member, despite I'm logged in already.
What is wrong??
The only way to respond seems to be to register as a new member every time.

Eeek, I'm really sorry you're experiencing problems on DaniWeb. As you browse around the site, is it keeping you logged into the system, or is it kicking you out with each pageview? I can't think of a reason why it would keep you logged in but only kick you out each time you try to reply.

Do you have cookies enabled by your web browser? Are you blocking any cookies that we're sending?

I seem to be signed in as long as I don't reply, and it still says "Logged in As: AKJo" in the head of the page when I'm requested to join the community (which I realy appreciate).
I accept all cookies, so I don't see any reason for blocking any of yours.
Unsigned Active-X controls are not accepted.

Just testing if I can reply from Firefox

Looks like that's a yes :)

..and it seems to work!!

What OS / browser are you using that doesn't work?