Just noticed this while browsing an article, the text was first displaying like so: b7083ca588becc7fe80e79f9a010f00a
However once I had expanded the 'Show Comments' it seems to straighten out to what it should be:

I am running Internet Explorer (Work laptop don't judge me!) Version: 8.0.7601.17514

I have noticed this in IE8 as well. Not in any other browser or version. I simply put it down to IE8 not conforming to the standards correctly.

That does seem to be a browser conformance issue. It doesn't occur in IE9 or 10. I'm a bit torn between saying that a website should attempt to cover the broadest range of browsers possible, and saying that if you're still using IE8 or older you should upgrade as quickly as possible. Or if you don't have that kind of control, slap the shit out of the IT tech managing your machine. ;)

I agree you shouldn't have to cater for it but thought I'd flag incase it was more serious than IE8.

Had this discussion on IRC, sadly I have to keep IE8 for dev purposes on my current project :(

Next time it happens Mike, pop open the developer console. I think there's a problem with the CSS and it tells you about it. Can't remember exactly. I lost interest in it :P

What is this... developer.. console? Too advanced for me. Maybe your rats can do it for me?