I created a simple FAQ page but the last line gets hidden behind the footer. I know why because the footer postion is set to fixed and I want it to be at the bottom too.

Better explanation: http://i.imgur.com/eHZdv.png

I don't see the need for posting any code right? I just need another solution for the footer to be at the bottom and also the text should be seen.


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Its diffacult to help when we don't have any code, how can we suggest "another" solution when we don't know what you're doing now? On a side note, this is an HTML CSS issue not a PHP issue so it's posted in the wrong place as well.

Generally, if you want a fixed footer on the bottom you need to make a "buffer" div on the bottom of your actual page (after the last line) which is the same height as the footer that way the only thing that ever gets hidden is that buffer div which contains nothing.

@GliderPilot is right, this sounds like a html/css problem.

have a fixed position for header and content also ?
fixed height ?

maybe try a new approach like float: left for header and content and clear:both for the footer.

and some problematic code would help us help you :)

Please show us what you have so we can make everyone's job easier :)

If you have this site online, providing the URL will be sufficient.

Please give some code with the third button ^

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