Tcll here

I can't contact anyone to report the issues...
I've been trying for years.

but I can't login
- "Member Login" clicks, but does absolutely nothing

can't reply to topics
- top reply button does nothing
- quick reply box doesn't post on page reload

can't edit existing posts
- link does nothing

all I have is my wii.
(compy has no networking installed (have been trying to fix for months))

What kind of browser does the WII use? Perhaps it's not (fully) supporting Javascript.

logged on on a friend's compy...

the wii uses Opera, and supports QUITE a good portion of JS :)
it's pretty much the same HTML support as IE5 (maybe a little better)

I'm not sure what version of Java it supports...
unless JavaScript is entirely browser related.

I'm just here to notify though...
if you're a site developer, please try using the site on the wii (Opera) browser.

like I say...
I'm probably not going to have a net connection on my compy for quite a while... :(

[Click Here](well I am able to log in again, but I can't post easily... is there a text only mode for making a post??)
[Click Here](as you can see, I have to use the link input to type anything... the textbox only responds to the arrow keys, Enter, and Delete from my KBd (BackSpace == Prev Page))
[Click Here](the OSK won't respond when I click the textbox, so I need a more basic method...)

[Click Here](EDIT: I actually find it wierd that this textbox doesn't accept chatacter input... the dynamic textbox on github did >_>)

[Click Here](anyways... I would prefer to just use a basic BBC text editor anyways... I've always hated rich or dynamic text editors)

Problem is most likely caused by the fact that this editor is an enhanced div, and not a textarea.

[Click Here](interesting...
yea, I can get it to work, but it's a real pain...

please implament normal text editing with BBC. D:

BBCode was removed in favour of markdown. Both are similar text editing methods, so this is not the cause of your problem.

[Click Here](
doh I did it again >.<
that's not what I meant...

lol what I meant was to just use a RAW text editor...
I don't want anything fancy, as I can do the fancy stuff through text...

I'm asking if someone (a developer) would implament that :)

I love daniweb... I don't want to be shoved aside from it bacause I can't [i]really[/i] use it's featues...
thanx :)

[Click Here](
as for my problem...
yea, it's a DIV that's not recognized as a clickable area...

it would be neat if it could utilize Opera's unfinished text featues such as highliting and using the KB as it was meant to be used (no OSK)...
though that's still very tedious as you have to worry about hitting Backspace and accidently going to your last page... >_<

but yea... just a normal RAW text input for formatting a post is all I ask.
(I would greatly appreciate it)

[Click Here](EDIT:
you can trick Opera into thinking an area is a text input...

Github does it with their login form...
unless that's just some amazing CSS stuff there :P

[Click Here](I see the issue with wii support still isn't fixed yet :/)
[Click Here](has any progress been made towards using a normal text editor??)
[Click Here](NOTE: ^ that isn't just meant for wii users, I personally don't like rich text editors)

You woudn't have all those problems if you used a REAL computer instead of that stupid wii.

[Click Here](agreed...
too bad my wii is all I have for the time being until I can fix the damage done to my compy... -.-*

but really...
is a simple text editor that much to ask for??

I was just wondering how progress was going... :/)

Don't hold your breath for that kind of change.

[Click Here](lol I figured it wouldn't be too simple :)
what with the complexity of this forum and all...

I just care if progress is being made ;)
[Click Here](EDIT:
I mean after all, it is an additional, optional impmanentation...

Xenforo probably didn't implament it on the spot either :P)