Chaps, I have a problem. I have some videos recorded with a samsung s3 phone at the following settings:
resolution 1920x1080
Video quality: superfine
format: mp4
Now, the file size range from a minimum of 50MB to a maximum of 100. When I play the recorded videos on the phone, they play ok, but when I download them on the laptop or any other computer they won't play. They start playing but then the image freezes, the audio is fine. After running a few tests, I lowered the resolution of the phone, recorded another video and played it on the computer. This time it played ok. SO the problem seems to be lying with the resolution being too high. Still, I am in trouble now because I can't play the old videos on my computer. How can I sort this out? Is there a software solution that allows me to reduce the resolution of a recorded video or anything else?

First before I attempt to assist let me ask you these:

By old videos do you mean other videos recorded with the high resolution?

If so then sometimes when you convert a video, the converter will have an option of how high Quality you want the video,Obviously the higher it is the longer it takes to convert

Take a look here :

I don't believe the software is free but I'm just giving you an example.

There are many other video converters out there which you can find with just a search on google

No matter the OS (Windows or Linux), download and user the VLC media player. It will handle just about anything, which the normal media players on either Windows or Linux will not without installing a number of obscure codes (if available). You can get VLC at

thanks. @Pilot122x, yes by old videos I meant the ones that were shot at the highest resolution. I must admit I am not vry well versed in resolutions and video/photoediting, but like I said when we lowered the resolution we discovered that the videos play well in any video player. You mentioned a video converter, but is it possible (and advisable) to convert a video from a high res to a lower res?
@rubberman: sorry, I should have said I am a vlc user...and not even vlc can play those, the image freezes up after a few seconds. But, like I said before, if I lower the resolution and shoot another video, it plays absolutely fine in vlc and company

I'm also Facing same issue with my Galaxy s3 :( videos work fine in phone but getting stuck on pc

I seem to be getting this problem too? Is there a solution?

Hi friend, if your android smartphone is not initialize or unresponsive then you should have reset your or hard reset your device.

It will resolve all the issue. if no idea, How to hard reset your device click on highlited or bold text.

But keep in mind before doing this keep backup of all important data.


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the problem is definately due to the resolution..
as mentioned in the question..the resolution is 1920x1080..and that may be fine with the phone.. but the pc or laptop does not support such high resolutions.. i think the max is 1280x720..

try the above link and download the Total video Convertor(TVC)..
it is the best convertor i have used so far.. it givs u option to convert and save videos/audio an various formats..

Also converting such high resolution video to a bit lower resolution wont affect the video much...but only reducing the size abit and ofcourse making it compatible for ur desktop/laptop..

Use VLC Media Player or KM player.
If the problem doesn't solve then you will have to update or reinstall your graphics drivers.
If the problem still doesn't get resolved then there is an issue with your graphics card.
It might be too outdated to play such high resoultion videos.

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