I have recently been having a few issues with my Toshiba laptop. It is about 5yrs old and rund on Vista, and recently is won't turn on, and all I see is a black screen with a white cursor. I have tried running sc /scannow from the task manager, but this only brings up a box, which just flashes and then disappears. Internet explorer was also doing the same thing, flashing up and then disappearing, even from the task manager. The system error scan that it offers when restarting does nothing, and it ususally takes about four attempts to get it to turn on.

Also, the internet toolbar at the bottom of the screen (with the start button etc) keeps freezing and having to be restarted, someimes five or six times per hour, as restarting often does not work, and sometimes it just disappears completely.

Any ideas on how to fix any of this?


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did you scan ur computer with an anti-virus program? like AVG or Kaspersky? if you cant see Desktop try to open windows in safe mode and save ur data. if this will not solve ur problem , back up ur data and install Windows 7 Ultimate. vista sucks. very bad operating system .


It has Norton which scans every week/fortnight and has not shown any viruses etc for the last month or so. Everything is backed up as it has been playing up for a while, so I got a bit paranoid (in middle of writing dissertation). Vista has been fine for the last 5 years, only recently that it has started playing up; wondering if it is more the age of the laptop than anything?

Thanks for replying :)


you may not see any problem on vista but it is really sucks. even bill gates agree on that :) if everything is backed up , dont wait go and install windows 7 :) but if you persist in vista; you need to recover your computer with recovery cd. or press' F11 or sth like that on start up..


Unrelated almost .

I don't understand the vista sucks comment ,we have Vista running on a laptop ,3yrs old same install ,burns and converts dvd movies and anything else we throw at it ,so what problems are we suppose to be having with it !and it runs almost 24/7 for the past 3yrs

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if you have everything backed up i would suggest running the recover and getting it back to factory isntall
you can use the zero key on bootup to get to the recovery

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better solution IMHO

caperjack ;

can you tell me why microsoft released windows 7 just 1 year after vista? it was so slow and it has too many problems with applications. i am not meanin' all vista operating systems have same errors. but this is true.

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Thanks for the help guys! I've just given up and bought a new laptop - seemed like the easiest solution! xx

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