Seems like there might be a problem with the editor not recognising code insertion when you're pasting code in the middle of a list.

Below is a post displaying the problem

I tried multiple ways to get that in there including:
1. Single Enter + Tab
2. Double Enter + Tab
3. The "Code" button on the editor window
4. Copy and pasting code from another article and then replacing it with mine

If it's me doing something wrong, let me know :)

Make sure there's a blank line before and after the code, and double tab it.

I wasn't aware you had to double tab...Shouldn't the code insertion tool have done that for me anyway?

Double tabbing is more of a workaround I came up with when trying to accomplish the same thing than the "official" way to do it. Markdown isn't exactly meant for that kind of advanced formatting.

Shouldn't the code insertion tool have done that for me anyway?

The code insertion tool has no way of knowing that 1) you're in a list or 2) that you want the code to be part of the list. Technically you could highlight everything in the code editor and hit tab as well, but that's probably not what you meant. ;)

Your assertion is correct ;)

I didn't know you'd have to double tab in a list, I will remember this for in future =)