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Noticed that when I edit a post, the edit window rolls back to the first loaded text if I've just done an edit and haven't refreshed the page.


1) Loaded text in post on page load
2) Edit press: see loaded text in editor
3) Make edit and save
4) Darn forgot something, do edit press again - but see loaded text in editor, although post shows edited text

Workaround refresh page before edit again

I'm assuming this isn't expected behaviour. Using Chrome/Win7

I've seen the same problem -- just happened today and lost some of the edits so I had to go back and edit again. I have to refresh the page after each edit -- which is a real pain in the ass.

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Glad it's not just me :)

Will look into it.


Test Two :)

Test Three (without any page refreshes) :)

Sorry, either I can't reproduce your behavior or I am misunderstanding you.

test initial test of this post adlfkjasf ;lsdk ds; sadf;lkf ;lkjas f;sjdhf ;lkjf ;slfkj ;sdlfkf ;sdlfkj ;slafkj ;aslkfj ;lsfk ;lsdf ;ljflkfjafk

[edit1] after some more edits ;laksdmf;lksdf

The problem is somewhat random, doesn't happen all the time

Well it can't be just totally random, there has to be a reason for why it's happening. Could it be hapening only when you're the OP?

No, it has happened to me when posting in c and c++ forums

int main()
   // some test stuff this more is edited.

Some More edits here

Can you explain in great detail again exactly what is happening?

Not really -- I can't duplicate the problem in this thread either.

Unfortunately I can't investigate further :( Diafol ... ??

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Hi - I've notice this for some time, but only got around to reporting it recently.




Doesn't seem to be happening on this thread. I'll have a look at a dead thread in the PHP forum - I'll delete if no problem, else I'll leave with a link here for you to investigate if the problem occurs.

Ah - something ODD

When I went to edit this again after the last line '...occurs.', I pressed the 'Cancel' button and just the ORIGINAL message appeared in the post. When I opened the editor again (EDIT), the whole message was there.

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Orig post. -ok
1st edit - ok
2nd edit - ok
3rd edit - reverted to 1st edit

It may be that I didn't just add to the end of the post, but changed a previous edit to something else. Regardless, it shouldn't have happened.

Subsequent edits didn't seem to suffer from that problem. So it seems AD may be right? Is it random?

The cancel button thing happened there too.

Just happened to me again here. I had to refresh the screen 4 times befor Edit Post displayed the correct text. After that it worked ok.