I have a client which is running Peachtree (Sage 50) and one of the work stations loses it connection for a split second and then the program either hangs or runs slow usually requiring a reboot to help Another system on the network loses the connection to the printer scanner also a reboot is required.

Any Idea's please any will be gratefull.


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What operating system are the computers running? Are the computers network cabeled or wifi? How about the environment -- fairly quiet like an office or very noisy like in a manufacturing facility? I've known noise to interver with cabled systems, don't know about wifi. Electrical lines (wiring) may also cause interference (see testers).

Thank you for the questions I should have given more info the operating system is Windows 7 and there are currentely 3 computers on the network. It is an office environment and it is hardwared cat 5 I have tried to move the one computer cable to another outlet and so far that seems to have helped although it did freeze once so far. I am beginning to think the outlet that was run might not have a good solid connectin or it is my a bad cable run. I will check to see if it has been run next to the electrical outlet in the wall. How close do you think 2 close would be?

Thanks any advise will be greatfully accepted.

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