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It seems the article Update on site malware hack attack has been at the top of the PHP forum for 3 months. OK, there have been a few comments, but it's getting a bit old. Is there any reason why this is a sticky? BTW - good article by HG - I'm not knocking that at all - just the permanence of its poll position.

I've noticed that on a few news articles. Perhaps the Sticky flag on news articles should have an expiry date. After expiry they would still bubble up to the top as long as people are posting.

Unstickied. Stickies are really more designed for evergreen content, TBH.

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To be honest... I think.

Mea Culpa. Bad habit from some time ago when we used to sticky news/editorial content to prevent if from immediately being drowned out of sight in busy forums. I need to wean myself off of still doing it :)

just wish to second happygeek. some times what has been drowned may be required in the forum