Could the "visibility" be improved, to notice if someone wants to chat with you?
I mean something like done with private messages, where you get an alert to respond to.
Now I only see a number has changed in the base of my screen, often 2 or more days later ...

When someone sends you a chat message, there should be a little popup that appears above the footer for the first second or so that the page is loading. Honestly, it's kinda hard to miss.

Maybe it's my eyesight, but I seem to miss it every time. I will watch out for it in the future. Thanks for the reply.

I had the same problem but it's much better now that nobody wants to chat with me ;-P

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Awww. I'll chat with you. I'll ping you the next time I see you online.

Oh, and also, while I may think the notification is pronounced enough, there still needs to be an even balance with folks like Davey, who don't enjoy participating in live chat. It can't be too forced upon members who choose to not engage it.