I am currently running vmware 10 and I am running CentOS 6.5 in it for a class I am taking. The last time I used it was last thursday, (it is currently monday) and it worked perfectly. Now it seems that everytime I want to load a browser I get the message "This webpage is not available". The icon at the top is displaying "Wired network connection 'System eth0' active. I'm connected to my school's wifi and am unable to access the internet through my client to finish the homework. I am however able to connect to the internet through my host machine (Windows 7). Any suggestions or anything you need to know please let me know. Thanks

Re: Issue with network on virtual machine running CentOS 80 80

I got it working, apparently it had something to do with being on the school's network.

Re: Issue with network on virtual machine running CentOS 80 80

The school network probably requires a proxy connection to get past the firewall. What did you do specifically to fix this? FWIW, most browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc) allow you to tell it to auto-discover the network proxy settings and then use those to connect with internet web sites. I had to do that with Firefox on my work CentOS virtual machine.

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