We are a small new firm.
we have website developed in word press
but our developer left remaining work incomplete
n left the job
now we have a button on our first page as live chat and we want to add chat support to it.
how to solve this problem?
or shall we hire new developer to complete this work?

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I am pretty sure they figured it out by now...

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Doesn't wordpress have a chat extension (or module, don't know what it's called in WP) ?
If that's not the case, I guess you'll have to hire a new webmaster.
Especially if it's going to be used for support, people want a stable connection with their technician, not some 2nd-class chat-popup :)

You can always use third-party chat-systems. There is bunch of them over the web: Chatwee, RumbleTalk, ChatWing, Chatangoo, XAT. Most of them are free.

I am pretty sure they figured it out by now...

regarding the systems mentioned above, i have tested and Chatwing is by far the best, it works great and has many features.

Guys to expand on what <M/> was saying as it might not be clear, OP made this thread over a year ago so replies to the original query are no longer relevant.

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