So, I'm trying to create a tutorial draft for a tutorial that I just wrote. I copied all the text into the editor, put in the title, tags, and marked it as a tutorial draft for the C++ forum. I hit the submit button and I got the following errors:

"You cannot move an article of this CMS type to this forum."
"This CMS type doesn't exist."

What the heck is CMS? And, what's going on?

Someone mentioned this to me awhile back and I wasn't able to duplicate it.

The 'CMS Type' is 'Tutorial Draft'. Not sure why it would think you're trying to move an article though? Hmm ... I'll take another looksie.

Could it be related to being a moderator? As opposed to a simple member (who can't move anything) or an admin (who can move tutorials).

Regular members should have the ability to create editorial drafts. Just finishing something up and then I'm going to do a test from my test account.

Please confirm this bug has been fixed.

Well I'm certainly no moderator and I had the same problem a few weeks ago (and was the one that mentioned it to Dani).

Does that mean it's now fixed for normal members too?

Does that mean it's now fixed for normal members too?

Yes, sorry about that mattster. I must have forgotten to get back to it.