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Hi. Bought an iPad Air 2 about a year ago. What a load of rubbish. Don't use it often but tried to paste some code to DW. Firstly editor has no toolbar. So tried looking for Desktop View. Nope. Pasted code. Ah won't work because Apple in their wiz dumb didn't add a tab button. Any suggestion other than flog this piece of crap on eBay?

You can use four spaces instead of a tab.

Sorry, our editor isn't entirely bug free on mobile devices.

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THe four spaces for each line you mean? :D

It killed me to write code in the first place. Have you ever tried writing a simple expression like:

echo $x + $x++ + $x++ + $x;

on an iPad?? Took me 5 minutes. Stupidest device I've ever used. Even a smartphone is quicker. Anyway, this not meant to be a rant against Apple products, however over-rated, over-priced and over-hyped they are.

OK, if no solution, I won't do a wojciech, just won't use the iPad again, ever, Amen.

BTW -- anybody want to buy a 2nd hand, hardly used iPad Air 2 16Gb? Offers of £1 O.N.O considered.

You could always install another keyboard, such as ProType which might make entering code easier.

But if that doesn't work for you, I'll give you a couple of quid for it.

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Hmm. Thanks for the link. £2 for it. Doesn't seem that much when I paid over £400 for the iCrap. Heh heh. I just may give it a bash. So hold on to your quid for a mo. Also bear in mind that P&P's a bitch. :)

I mostly use my school loaned iPad to get on Daniweb so yesterday on a whim I logged onto Daniweb on my laptop and the difference amazed me.

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Yes, bit a difference isn't it. Give me full fat any day, heh heh.

I have high metabolism so foods in high fat don't effect my wait lol..I just wish It was possible to see the last user to reply to a thread on mobile devices.

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I just wish It was possible to see the last user to reply to a thread on mobile devices.

That is a big annoyance, I agree. Is there a way to go to the last post of a thread from the forum thread list page? In desktop, I can do it by clicking last member posted. Not available in mobile. Can't remember if it was available on my iCrap - don't think so.

Sorry, to accomidate such small screen sizes, we had to cut a lot of stuff out! I tried to cut out the least frequently used links/buttons.

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I understand Dani. Just that few features I used frequently weren't those used by the majority. I do miss the last post link and the status flags in thread lists. Nice to see if thread added to since last time I checked. ICrap does at least show those

Don't worry about it to much Dani I cant really miss features that I don't use on a daily basis.