Over the summer I started downloading photographs directly to our iPad. In the past I had first loaded them onto our laptop and then transferred them to the iPad. Now, I am wondering if I can take what I first put on the iPad and move them to the laptop. Does anyone regularly do this? Or, do you know if it can be done?

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There are a multitude of ways! Some are free and some cost.
So, first up, free with wired connection. A app included with your OS is image capture. It is more of a image (Photo and Video) traffic cop. It recognizes a video device when it is plugged into your mac. It presents options on what you want to do with you pics, such as select photos to move to iPhoto, aperture, or any other graphic app on your mac.
Lets look at doing it free and wirelessly. Dropbox is a great way of moving ANY files from one device to another. DropBox works on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and even your PC!
Paid solutions are suppose to make life easy. Well Photosync (1.99) is one of these apps that does exactly that. It allows you to sync photos to and from all of your devices. You can send 1, 10, 100 or all of your photos. It will even let you transfer videos from your camera too! It will allow you to place them in your dropbox.
I really did not want to mention iCloud because it is either on or off and there is no way of moving photos already existing.

Whenever you connect your iPad to computer, it shows an option like what you want to do with your stuff, and you can choose the option accordingly. Else, you can transfer the stuff using iTunes.

For transfer of pictures from IPad to computer you have to follow from steps without them you cant do anything

What sort of computer do you have? Mac or PC?
You can use iPhoto if you have a mac, just plug the iPad in and iPhoto should open up. If not, open iPhoto and your iPad should be displayed as a device on the side. Click it, choose the photos you'd like to import, click import. Done!

simply connect ur ipad with the computer and follow the steps as reffered by comp..!!

Photos you take with your iPad (if it’s a model with a built-in camera) or photos saved to your iPad’s Camera Roll, such as e-mail attachments and images from the web, can quickly be saved to your computer via the supplied Dock Connector cable. The process differs depending on whether you use a Mac or a PC but both are relatively simple tasks. We will show you how to move images from your iPad to a Mac or a PC using the steps below but rst, make sure you have your iPad’s Dock Connector cable handy and an available USB port on your computer.

If your computer doesn't see the iPad there is another way to transfer photos. I use Dropbox, with free Dropbox you can transfer and share files like photos and documents from and to your computer and iPad.

I know that this topic is quite old, but I do not understand why nobody said what is really obvious. There's no other way to download pictures from/to your iPad other than using iTunes.

The truth is that it is quite easy to do this, as it just involves synchronizing a folder with your iTunes library. Even a todller cand do this, so I don't know why so many people come with suggestions like using apps and so on..

If people would use google a bit more, than we'd have a lot less topics on the forums. For example this: transfer pictures to ipad guide. I found the tutorial by simply typing in those words in the search box.

Hope it helps. :)

well i use a bluetooth device for transferring my data from ipad to computer..it works fine without hassle of wires etc..i recommend bluetooth for the purpose

do not know what to say

I simply share my photos via email.

Well, if you want to transfer iPad photos simply, I suggest you use iCloud Photo Library to sync photos automatically. It is easy to operate: Go to settings > iCloud > Photo's > iCloud photo library. If so, you can safe some space by using optimize iPhone storage in that same settings panel. And you can import the pictures by logging in your iCloud account.

You can sync your photos to iCloud. Then sign in the same account on PC.

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