Hello, in practice you have to escape the quotes of the html code. If you use double quotes then you can write:

echo "<span class=\"smile\">hello</span>";

Notice how the class quotes are escaped by the backslash \". This can be rewritten in many ways:

echo "<span class='smile'>hello</span>";
echo '<span class="smile">hello</span>';

# with simple variable
$class = 'smile';
echo "<span class='".$class."'>hello</span>";
echo "<span class='$class'>hello</span>";
echo '<span class="'.$class.'">hello</span>';

# with array
$class['span'] = 'smile';
echo "<span class='{$class['span']}'>hello</span>";
echo '<span class="'.$class['span'].'">hello</span>';


A better idea would be to use the HEREDOC method as its much neater

$url = trim($_POST['url']);
$title = trim($_POST["title"]);
echo  <<< THEHTML
<a href="http://digg.com/submit?phase=2&url=$url&title=$title" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.virtualdolphintherapy.com/images/digg.png" alt="Digg" width="64" height="63" border="0" /></a>;

Remember that HEREDOC stops parsing when it reads the original start word and must begin without and spaces. That is, THEHTML in the end must start without any tabs or indents for HEREDOC to work. Most people make this mistake and don't understand why their code never worked. Just a heads up!

good one
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