Hmmm, maybe they should, but maybe the posters should practice their analysing of customers problems.

How about reading a page from DaniWeb and finding out if it has mis/unformatted Code block in posts or not?

I haven't get what you trying to say. why is this thread started ?

I haven't get what you trying to say.

I really can't simplify it any further.

why is this thread started ?

Because I'm better at writing snippets than coming up with ideas for snippets that people would like to see and learn from. I suspect I'm not alone in that.


No, You can think sir. According to me, You are GOD of C language next to Dennis richtie. He has developed the language and people like you (hats off for you) has made this language really worthful. It's my pleasure that I can say this to you. You can write about dynamic prgramming, backtracking techniques so that people can further improve themselves who want to. (like me).
thanks for everything. :)

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Hi Deceptikon,
Below are my opinion. If posting code snippets for below topics wil be useful
1. Some algorithm, its usage, its appolications with real time example right from the basic algorithms. Then it will be useful for beginners like us to go with some specific(standard) algorithms to implement codings.
2. Data strutures - when data structure should use? what type of data structure can be use? where can we use data structure? how to use them? etc,.
3. Memory management related code snippets

Please keep up this good work.

Thanks in advance.

I would like to see something simple like an __asm insertion for example shl 16. I know how to do it in assembly by itself but not with a variable in C.

By responses, I mean the code snippets. I see questions but no answers. I can't answer any myself yet, sorry.

james sir, Is there any code snippet that you created on the link which you have given above ? Can you tell me which one ? thanks in advacnce to you.

james sir, Is there any code snippet that you created on the link which you have given above ?

I've not contributed any snippets yet. But if you're interested in snippets by an individual, you can navigate to their profile page. Underneath the contributions section you'll find a link to all of the member's code snippets (if they've submitted any).

so let's go to your's profile first ;) aww !

A code snippet to search a folder full of of C code files for a given keyword/searchword. Maybe add some wildcard options.

How to play a sound file in C.

That would make an interesting autotools project: There are many approaches to achieve this (I now realise after having done it from scratch before discovering several libraries). Since it varies from platform to platform, the GNU community would probab

Write an example of object-oriented programming in C, including dynamic dispatching mechanisms and run-time type identification. This is something people do often in C, and always in a clumsy, ad-hoc way.

Get a Raspberry Pi computer (its Linux OS has C, C++, Ruby, Java and Python) and write some C code to explore its IO pins for computer control projects.

Note: has kits real cheap. The Raspberry Pi is usually about $35.

Explore Collatz numbers (also called the 3n+1 problem, L. Collatz in 1937):
Take any number, if even divide it by 2, if odd multiply it by 3 and add one,
and so on, should converge to 2 (ultimately to 1).

Write a C program to prove that the sentence
"the quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog"
uses every letter of the English alphabet.

Write a C program to do the calculation for this approximation series:
sin(x) = x - x3/3! + x5/5! - x7/7! + ..

See how close you get to a published value.

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