In forum: "Web Development Discussion Community". I sought for unanswered topics, one of them being this one. What's weird is in the forum view, the content of post mentions Create a realtime notification in mvc aplication. It can be an alert notification., while the topic itself says How to create a realtime alert notification in mvc aplication?.

It's not an actual bug, just a thing to consider, maybe you'll think it's worth changing it, so it displays post in realtime, or maybe you'll think "meh, nobody real watches that".

Just sayin'.

Try clearing your cache and reloading the page.

No, it's cached on our end, Jim. Our activity stream is heavily, heavily cached, and doesn't take into consideration post edits for an absurdly long time.

What's weirder is I can't even find that post in "forum view".

(edit) ignore that, I'm terribly off form this evening.