There is one new user who seems to always include the text

Bold Text Here

in every post. I think I see why. Try this.

  1. Create a new thread
  2. Type a title
  3. Type a tag or two
  4. After the last tag, press Enter

The cursor will be located to the text box and the Bold Text Here will be automatically inserted. Any way this can be prevented? Perhaps wnen the focus is on the Tags edit box, Enter can be made to default to Add Tag.

Yup, I can reproduce this and I'll check this out and hopefully find a solution later today or tomorrow. Sorry, I'm currently juggling DaniWeb and Dazah and in the middle of a big Dazah project.

After only DaniWeb for 15 years, please bear with me while I still try to navigate my way towards a good balance.

Bug fixed along with an additional bug that was discovered related to some functionality in the editor toolbar being broken as a result of the editor's API changing in its new version and some functionality being deprecated.

Also, I'm excited to say I got the Dazah work I had on my plate completed as well. Yay me!