Have an Android 4.1.1 just for Wifi use. No cellular contract for it. Looking for some android app choices...How can one get a texting address

Guidance sought

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I've been using it a few ways. Now before I reveal them, some member just couldn't get it done. I don't know why but for me, I can text using Ring.to and Google Hangouts. I can't understand what their issues were but here, all working. That is, they went round and round refusing to get an email account or do whatever it takes to get it working.

You might want to look up XDA Forums and see if you can kick up the Android version a notch or two.

why not use some free sms service provider like way2sms

there are many other applications which do the same thinkg you can find them from google play store

KIK messenger is a good alternative. Works for wifi only devices.

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