How come this discuss turn into a flame war. First of all, there is no different between the sub-forum and tag system based. A single tag equals to a sub-forum. Tag system allows a single question to belong to to multiple sub-forum. Therefore, tag system provides more flexiblity. Many energy has been invested to transform a sub-forum system into tag system, it is plain stupid to reverse back to old system.

However, I still believe that the current design of Daniweb is not yet optimal for newcomer and it is somthing we should discuss.

@HG: if voicing my opinion is symptom of trolling, I have nothing more tto say than: you just showed who you really are.

commented: If only that were true (the nothing more to say part...) +0

@dtpp: Voicing your opinion is good. Ignoring everything that comes back in response to your opinion, which doesn't meet your world view, isn't. You continue to respond with the 'roll it back' line, over and over. You continue to suggest that this should be done because 'a group of users' has demanded it when, in fact, a handful of users have said they don't like the new system and even less have called for it to go back to how it was. You wilfully refuse to accept that taking business decisions upon the demands of one or two vocal users, even a small group if your prefer that terminology, would be rash at best and stupid in the eyes of most folk. You continue to state assumptions as fact, despite being told you are factually wrong. These are the reasons I have you down as troll material...

@up: negative feedback is more valueable than positive, and should be placed in first place before positive one.....

In which case you are winning.

11% post quality score across 48 contributions
19 posts receiving downvotes (2 upvotes)
10 members who've downvoted (2 upvoters)
35 total downvotes received (2 upvotes)

Oh, and @dtpp or should I say wojciech1 do you still want to deny being a troll?

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I though dtpp was wojciech1 too. Think I mentioned it in a previous thread or maybe that was in mod forum. Same tunnel vision. Same M.O.

Dtpp. Let.s face facts. We are not rolling back to the old forum.subforum system. So. What.s your point? Do you have another one? Dani is not listening to you. Well maybe she will. Maybe she won.t. If I was her and listened to u say I didn.t deserve any respect then I.d probably blank you for a troll. So you made your bed. Frankly I can.t believe invested this much time in yet another derailed thread, especially as I couldn.t really give a fig what you want or think any more.

@diafol you are crossingh the line:
QUOTE me where did I say that Dani does not deserve to be respected?

@hg: proof please?

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BTW - Dani would show (and earn) great respect if she shows her ability to listen to her users......

How's that? The intent of your post was clear enough. The fact that she did not listen to you... ? I do not believe that I am crossing the line. I think people have been very patient with you, trying to engage you in meaningful discussion, but you seem incapable. As mentioned, I have spent enough time on this. This is not meaningful nor appropriate use of my time on DW. I'll leave you to it. Take that any way you want. I really couldn't give a fig.

it doesn t mean she has no respect, it means she would earn additional (=hidden word, but obvious) respect.....
I said some time earlier that she has my respect just for inventing DW - Im serious.....

@dtpp/wojciech1 If you really want me to air your dirty washing in public here I will. Needless to say, most folk when accused of being someone else might say 'who?' or 'no I am not' rather than ask for proof. However, what are the chances of someone different but with the exact same troll attitude as a previous troll who was exposed on DaniWeb as a liar (claiming to run a large and successful forum when the actual owner, who diafol spoke to at length, had never heard of the chap) and the exact same modus operandi (slagging off DaniWeb and Dani, claiming to know how best to run it, making demands etc etc) accessing DaniWeb from the exact same IP address in Poland?

In case anyone is in any doubt, here is a typical Woj the Troll post from six months ago:

I like to be able to say freely what I think is not done right/what I dislike and why. To keep things clear - if I were Dani, I'd run DW differently - Id pay more attention to what users have to say (as of correcting/introducing features) etc. How many of things suggested by me in Feedback section has been implemented? None. That shows attitude Dani has. I requested alot there. I'll not praise Dani for doing nothing. Thats not that I dont like praising, I just dont see what Dani should be praised for.... This webapp is full of unfinished features (have a read in Feedback section), bugs etc, there is really nothing to praise here.

Anyway, your cover is blown, and your opinions are now worth Jack Shit as a result. Goodbye.

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Heh heh. What a sad little cretin. Good work HG. Can we ban this moron now and be done with it? He's persona non grata and adds nothing to the site. But, he'll probably be back under the guise of a blind nun from Guatemala next time.

HG: you are an admin here so you should know about shared IP addresses e.g. in one block of flats as well as random IP distribution..... whats more - Im not from Warsaw;

Diafol: the fact that you disagree with someone and do not approve his/her style of behaving, does not allow you to insult this person.....

commented: Erm, yes I think it does actually Woj. Failiure to learn this simple fact has led you to being the saddo that you obviously are. Bye! +0
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Woj: Give it up. No amount of squirming is going to help you escape this one. IP alone means not a lot, IP in conjunction with everything else does. Random IP distribution would be hard pressed to find two trolls with the exact same outlook/MO, and as for living in the same block of flats... ditto (one would have killed the other by now). End of the day, we all know who you are and you know who you are. If you don't like that (and I wouldn't if I were Woj) then you know where the delete membership button is.

Wow this post has taken off like wildfire, however, I do see a little of a post war going on between members and dtpp (because of this I have pretty much scanned past half the posts, probably missing some important ones).

Anyway, I do like the favorites options Dani. Is there anyway to edit these favorites? Or are they built based on our activity and what forums we have been active in (related to their tags)

Or are they built based on our activity and what forums we have been active in (related to their tags)

Yes, they are built based on your activity on the site.

I used to visit Daniweb daily. The old format worked for me. I could quickly see what had been posted in the few forums that I normally visited and decide to read some of the posts or get back out. Since the new format was introduced, I feel that there is a barrier between me and the content. I don't know how to get that same quick overview in descending date order (by forum) so when I do come here now (which is infrequently) I dabble a bit and then leave feeling dissatisfied. There may be a way to get the same sort of overview as in the old format by using tags but I haven't figured it out so I've pretty much given up on it. Obviously, some thought and work went into converting to the new format and maybe it works better for some users but I must admit that I don't really understand the benefit.

Not quite a former user (yet) but pretty close. That's my two cents.

I too feel that it was hourly website now its daily one.

The only things that niggled me was I came to the forum with a question but was welcomed with a five day five post probation and patted down on each of those posts. Additionally, any experienced user of forums knows that sometimes it can be hit or miss whether you will get a correct answer to your question, or even no answer at all but as part of the welcome we're told that if you 'pay up front we might give you a little more attention.'

Prolonged pobation, patting, and 'pay up' could be a a turn off for some. Sadly, the said "Troll" in this thread has had a lot more attention than my simple Python question.


Sadly, the said "Troll" in this thread has had a lot more attention than my simple Python question.

Erm, would that be the one to which you posted "Hi Admin, please delete this post/thread. I asked this question in the completely wrong way and I'm really not surprised that no one has replied" by any chance?

"Erm, would that be the one to which you posted "Hi Admin, please delete this post/thread. I asked this question in the completely wrong way and I'm really not surprised that no one has replied" by any chance?"

What sort of reply are you hoping for here, happygeek?

I did write that, and I am standing by what I said there and the reason for it. In that post there was an aire of frustration over what it had taken me to get that far. (signing up process, etc) I thought to myself that on second reading my post there seemed negative and wanted to write my question differently. I rewrote my question and flagged and requested the previous one be deleted.

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I.m not sure what type of reply you were expecting from your initial post on this thread. Like you said, replies can be hit or miss. Whether you get replies to your thread starter can depend on a lot of different factors. The posts on the troll developed from off-topic discussion in the community forum. They tend to run for a long time. I don.t think you should draw any conclusions from that.

Just my two bobs into the nut shell.

There doesn't seem to be any add your social network once you are already signed in on mobile. I can login but I use a different email address for all my social networks because they were not all developed by the same companies or collaborated when I created then years ago, well not like they really are linked much atm. But if I login using my Facebook, it creates a new user name and I was lost for a while trying to figure out how to get back eco data profile as it set me up as a new user. I had to delete my new one which the site allowed me to log into and then I was write. But I tell you a newish member with less enthusiasm probably would have given up. I didn't because I've been here for 8 years, not that you would know it. Lol

Plus the edit post doesn't work on iphone

When I click edit post the screen just jumps down to the page numbers. Maybe I don't have that luxury yet, but I can't tell. While I'm on a rant, would be nice if the my 'contributions' link was in the hamburger for easy access, I like clicks, but prefer efficiency.

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Your contributions (Articles I've Written / Posts I've Written) can be found in the Finder dropdown.
The Edit Post on a mobile is a problem - I often access DW on a mobile - especially first thing in the morning. Lack of mobile features are a little irksome - particularly voting and editing.

Maybe I don't have that luxury yet

You can only edit posts for a couple of minutes after initially posted. The reason why the Edit button would be broken is because you loaded the page when you still had access, but actually clicked the Edit Post button after the cutoff time.

While I'm on a rant, would be nice if the my 'contributions' link was in the hamburger for easy access

The Finder menu does't work for you?

The new layout is brilliant, and although the name for Finder on the surface sounds like it's going to be just another search option, especially with the binoculars, it is a helpful feature once you try it. I don't think I have the imagination to think of another name than Finder, but maybe that would help users look to it as a stepping stone to where they want to go next. For example, we have the Microsoft 'Start' button, CompuServe once had the 'Go' button, etc. It could be that Finder is actually a great name and that users might be helped if you changed the icon for it.

This said, people are getting lazier these days and you shouldn't be expected to pander to every quibble. After all, you've brought the forums this far and must know what you're talking about while the majority of us users wouldn't be able to accomplish anything remotely close to what team Daniweb have achieved. I wish I knew everything. :-)