Instead of Finder it could be called Find My and leave the "my" out of the menu items, to get: Favorite Tags/Favorite Forums/etc.
Just a suggestion. I can perfectly live with Finder, altough it reminds me of Macintosh... As I think of it now, it could also be called Show My
Again, just suggesting. :)

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Simply change Finder to 'Me'. Then cut the verbose labels to things like Articles, Posts, Watchlist, Bookmarks etc. Not more truncation on portrait mobile :)

If I change Finder to Me, then won't that be confusing that there is a Dani dropdown and then a Me dropdown right next to it? :-P

In fact, everything in the top navigation menu is about me. My profile. My finder. My inbox. My shoutbox.

"It's all about me".

Reminds me of my wife's sister. Seriously though. I agree with Dani on this one. And you only have to click on it once to figure out what it's for.

How about something like "Goto". Anyone with a nous for programming would get that, and if any didn't then it's going to be an odd enough word to get them curious enough to try it. Maybe there is an alternate word you could use from your most popular language on Daniweb?

Whatever I've suggested up to now you've always worked out something better.

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Not worried about what it.s called. Just the dropdown items are too verbose. Being truncated on mobile isn.t helpful.

I'm not a fan of Goto because that would be representative of every single link and navigation menu item on any website ... "Going to" another page.

Diafol, I'll investigate your mobile concerns tomorrow.

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Jump, Bounce, Hop, Hopper... Skip... Trip...?

I've lost interest now... it's not my baby. :-)

You know I will admit I have started to visit Daniweb now less and less. I personally have been able to get used to the new design, but the problem is the questions aren't flowing in ... there are times where the C# ones have just been "poof" gone (okay bad wording, more, they just aren't new ones being created)


Yeah, that would work too! People would definitely click on that out of curiosity. I knew you'd come up with something better. ;-D

@JOSHealV, this is a problem with forums across the 'net. People will often Google for a solution to their problem and wherever they see a potential solution they will do what's necessary within reason to get their answer and then move on.

Or, there are the likes of Experts Exchange where you pay for the privilege and get qualified help. They are what you'd consider the high end of online support. Whereas in most forums you'll get information from other users and you might find a diamond in the rough, but that's after looking through a lot of rough. A lot of forums these days can be likened to Mark Twain's 'My Watch' story. There are loads of ways and places to learn from on the 'net, from forums to live online chat to videos. No one has a monopoly on tech solutions and its not worth being sentimental about any single site unless you've befriended some good and helpful people there of course.

Dani's really clever, she'll think of something. If the future of Daniweb is to become an extended search engine for a database of answers then that might work. But, it's the calibre of the users that makes any forum successful and I've found very high tech answers in even the oldest of friendly forum formats. People will go with what suits their own preferences.