Prior to doing the following I visited every top level forum and clicked "Mark forum read". Then I went to the Daniweb home page. The Menu bar down the right side showed Unread beside all forums. Clicking on any Unread link just made that link disappear. I think, since I had previously marked all forums as read, Unread should not be showing beside any forum name.

Incidentally, refreshing the page restored all of the Unread links.

I remember asking this back in the old layout. Guess it hasn't changed since then. I do agree that it is confusing.

Think it has changed now. I don't see any unread buttons.

Update: Now they're back.

I just checked it out. It's still working (or not working as the case may be) as I originally described. I went to each top-level forum and "mark all as read" then went to the home page. All forums had "Unread" showing. But with the way traffic has slowed almost to a complete stop I think that a bug like this is the least of Daniweb's problems.