I have changed the pages of my website including, designs, text , etc. I have also submitted sitemap and in google search console and out of 7 URLS in sitemap, 5 got indexed in sitemap. After that when i checked the site in google, the new changed home page displays old page title instead of new title for the changed version of the home page. I checked google cached text version of the home page, the cache shows new changed version of the home page and also it's new title. But when i checked on google, the new changed version home page is being displayed with old home page title. I am not able to understand when the google cache has got new changed version of the home page including it's new title,then why the new home page is being displayed with old title. I request all friends to give their suggestions which helps me to sort out this issue.


Hm..I think that you previous Title was similar to google as the more relevant, so G changed the cache version to inform you about that it accepted you changes, but for users it shows the old one. Is it possible?

Use fetch as Google option from webmaster. It will help you for sure for fast crawling of you new home page.

After a while, Google will realize that the old Title isn't coming back and will display your new Title. When this conclusion will be reached is anyone's guess but it will occur, eventually.

And what will help to speed uo this process?

@Canadafred. Thanks for the advice. I have used Fetch as Google option today and new version of home page screen got fetched by Google bot,rendered it as the way it is designed. I have submitted to Google Index immedialtely. This I did earlier and also todayagain. How much time approximately does it take to display the new title?

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