Several keyboard keys in Daniweb are doing the wrong things.

  • Occasionally backspace is taking me back to previous pages instead of removing characters.

  • The END key takes me to the beginning of the line instead of the end of the line.

  • I occasionally find myself navigating where I didn't want to go, and have no idea what key did that.

Editing keys should be STANDARD, always doing the same things on all web pages in the universe..

Please, no hot keys.

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I can't say I get the same problem.
END takes me to the end
BKSP does what it says on the tin (as RP says too) - remove last character if in editor and navigate back a page otherwise.

We have a couple of hotkeys (such as bold, italic, etc. when typing in the editor). Alt+S also is used to submit your post. But, aside from that, we are not overriding what the backspace key, etc. do. Perhaps you have a browser toolbar or plugin that is conflicting with something on DaniWeb?

It only does these things on Daniweb. Otherwise these keys behave normally.

End takes me to the right end of the line (not the paragraph) everywhere else in the web universe. Except for today, End always takes me to the beginning of the paragraph in Daniweb. So, of course, today, it takes me to the end of the paragraph (not the line, as it should) when I try it here. Home is taking me to the beginning of the paragraph (not the line, as it should) right now.

Home and End are supposed to move you horizontally, but not move you up or down. In the paragraph above, it moves you ip to the beginning of the paragraph oir down to the end. That is wrong.

Does the fact that I am still using Windows XP have anything to do with this?

Backspace is behaving today.

Is the mouse cursor within the editor?

I took a moment to see how the editor works with paragraphs. Paragraphs are text in a single line that can break to the next line as characters fill the text edit box.

So here, a paragraph is one long line. Home takes us to the beginning and end to the end of this long line. The editor does not work as say Word does when it comes to Home and End.

To me this makes sense but for folk that eat and breath Word, they would call it wrong. Word has no such equivilent cursor move. Control+DownArrow takes us to begining of the next paragraph but I can see it now a Word user would gripe.

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MidiMagic you are correct your keyboard goes spooky when it enters . The answer is in your faith , take a priest or what ever your faith has and make an exorcists or what ever is in your faith. Than probably those spirits that caused the problem first place will go away … Yes this is an ironic response … The real question is why can't you describe the problem in a rational way ?

I have similar problem sometimes

@Gerermos. You'll have to explain your issues clearly. I looked at this with others and nothing spooky is going on.