My geo-location was being displayed as Cambridge (I returned from there on Monday) so I told daniweb to update, which it did, except it now reported me as Winnipeg, Manitoba - 3,897 miles away. What am I 3,897 miles away from? Then, when I click on Member Connect it says (for example) that I am 46 miles away from aravindc (London, England) so I'm assuming that even though I did the update, part of daniweb still thinks I am in jolly old.

I think I know what's happening. Your old location is cached in your cookie session. Everyone else can see that you're a Canadian, but you're just not seeing it yourself. If you log out and log back in, it will force a refresh of your cookie data. I'll also look into updating the cookie when you change profile data like this.

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What am I 3,897 miles away from?

Cambridge, obviously :-P

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I've got this....

Your Last Known Location: Cardiff, United States

Update doesn't do anything.


Do you accept the little web browser popup requesting access to your location?

Location on Android turned on currently. The update button just seems to refresh the page Not sure if jiggerypokery happens is supposed to happen each time that page is opened.

Actually I think there is no refresh just a goto # so scroll to top of page.

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@Dani - On a related topic, are you planning to re-enable the IP address display for moderators on thread posts? It's useful when I see a poster asking a question, then getting an answer from another user with the same IP address. That immediately raises suspicions, especially when the OP is asking for a software recommendation.

It never went away. Hover over the alert icon in the bottom right corner of posts.

It's not as good as before. Before you would look at a few posts and spot the issue. Now you have to hover over, note that IP and then go to the next hover and see if it's a match.

That's a step backwords.

Also, I could easily copy the old one into the clipboard then press CTRL-WIN-I to run my program which would look it up and give me the geo-location. Now I have to memorize and type.

Yeah. I know. Bith bitch bitch ^_^

commented: If spam was higher such as shills and such, the spambot report is nice but a report on duplicate IPs in recent posts would be GOLD. +0

Trying to figure out the best tool to create ... So is the purpose of knowing the IP to see if multiple members are using the same IP, or to know the geolocation of the member? And what benefit does knowing the geolocation have?

commented: As to the multiple members using the same IP that's great for when you suspect a shill. Now it's harder to find them than before. +0

The IP showing in a thread or list is great to spot the shills.

As to location that's for location matching. I guess if someone was in Wales, I could justify visiting just to go there.

I always used to use the IP to make it easier to spot, well to confirm the suspicions, that a bait and spam operation was happening. Location I could care less about if I'm honest, I'm more of a global guy :-)

So it sounds to me like, based on what I'm hearing from you guys, that instead of cluttering up the UI with everyone's IP address, a better solution would be a little alert above the post saying "Joe123 and Fred123 in this thread are posting from the same IP address".

As HG states location not impt, but I don't want to be labelled as being in US. I was down as Sheffield UK for ages. No idea why.

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Joe123 and Fred123 in this thread are posting from the same IP address

Depends if you are matching the entire network/host identifier or not to trigger that alert. Bait and spam scammers can be on the same network but different hosts (as evidenced many times by a little investigation showing both accounts joined DaniWeb within an hour of each other and use similar naming conventions)