1. No more robocalls.
  2. A CyberTrk. May have to wait.
  3. A good shawarma for lunch.
  4. A new Daniweb home/top page.
  1. No more Trump(s)
  2. Media that doesn't pretend there are two sides to every story for fear of being called biased (as if there is anything wrong with being biased in favour of the facts).
  3. Fair elections.
  4. Serious consequences when the media or a politician knowingly reports false information.
commented: (US political party wish) 1. No more AOC's. +0

A new Daniweb home/top page.

Link me to content you wish was on the homepage for you but isn't. I guess I'm just of the belief the reason there isn't a lot of quality content presented on the homepage is because there just isn't a lot of quality content on the site as a whole nowadays.

commented: Happy New Year to you as well. I think I'll make a top post about this. +0

... sooooo where’s the thread about it? Interested to hear what others have to say. I have been making a lot of improvements to the homepage lately. If we’re not quite there yet, I’d like to get there.