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Editors/IDES/tools used today: Vi, Gedit, Emacs, Bluefish, Visual Studio (BizTalk), Notepad, DBVisualizer 6.1, Xlint, xsltproc, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
Languages used today: TSQL, Bash, XSLT, XML, pgsql
Operating systems used today: Windows 2003 (64/32 bit), RHEL 5.2, RHEL 4.5, CentOS 5.[02], Fedora 9, Debian Sarge

Last finished programming project: Geek oriented munincipal election site with javascript, pgsql and php zend framework. Xen virtual on CentOS 5.2, apache and postgresql. Only thing interesting for non Finnish people is probably the javascript tetris clone that can be run with command: "porris" from the prompt. It is my first real javascript program ever and took me seven and half hours to get working. :icon_cool:

I'm male, married with children. I live in Viikki, Helsinki, Finland. Found this site while researching solutions for the "tetris" clone.

Real Languages: C++, C, Assembler (6502/68k), Basic (Quick, Visual, GW, Commodore), Pascal, Java
Scripting languages: PHP, Javascript, VBScript, Powerscript, Perl, Bash, [t]csh, awk, sed, Lotus/Domino
Fourth/Fifth/Umpteenth generation kitchen sinks: Guru, Uniface 7, Biztalk
Databases and sql: Postgresql, Mysql, Oracle, Microsoft, Oracle, DB2
Operating Systems: Every released Red Hat/Fedora, every officially released Windows, some: SuSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, VMS, AIX, HP/Ux, Digital Unix, Solaris, older Sun unix products, DOS 3.3 - 5.0, CP/M, Amiga, ...

I'am expert in nothing but there is hardly anything I haven't at least spit at. I am old enough to know that I am not the best there is and young enough to know that ancient history is all that it is.

Next drinking: 1 pint of Guinness and 1 shot of single malt
Next four projects:

  1. multilingual rewrite of php/c/c++ app
  2. data integration project with Microsoft SQL/SSIS, Hostmonitor and TSQL
  3. closing migration project from legacy Unix to Linux
  4. implementing business rules and alerts for Request Tracker with pgsql, zenoss core, hostmonitor, bash and snmp

Next very cool thing: putting girls to bed and having bear, whisky and television before crashing to bed.


Really nice introduction. Glad to find another whisky + guiness lover ;)

P.s have you tried server 2008 yet? Its rather good.