I worked for 35 years as a technical services programer on IBM mainframes. The job entailed operating system maintenance and writing some utility programs and subroutines for use with applications programer's COBOL programs. I wrote mostly in assembler language. Toward the end of my career, I learned to use the PC on my desk as a computer, rather than just a dumb terminal giving access to the mainframe. I also got a PC for home use and taught myself the C language for some home programing. I loved my job, but haven't missed it at all since I retired.

I now live with my wife in the western part of Virginia (not West Virginia) in the Appalachian Mountains not too far from North Carolina, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Retirement is wonderful, and I highly recommend it!

For a time after retirement, I did a bit of wood carving, but not so much these days. I use my computer mostly for email and web searches for things that pop up in life. We both enjoy reading, and my wife likes TV watching, though I mostly watch an occasional movie. Church work takes up a fair amount of our time, and also taking care of this place, which involves a lot of home maintenance, lawn mowing, and cutting wood for winter fires.

My brother, sister, and I work puzzles, and have recently been doing long division puzzles. After my sister came up with a puzzle having multiple possible solutions, I decided to try to write a program to validate these puzzles, insuring they have one and only one valid solution. That required writing a routine to pull all possible permutations from a string, and after scratching my head over it and reading about them on Wikipedia, I had to admit I had no idea how to write such a function, so did a web search, and immediately came up with a code snippet on this site by Harsh Chandra that solved my problem.

I'm glad to know about this website, and hope to find more such snippets in the future as the infrequent need to write a program comes up. Hope this intro hasn't been too long.


ope this intro hasn't been too long.

No, it was great :) Welcome to the site, i hope you find it both educational and fun.

This place is great!!
welcome!!And wish u enjoy in this great place!