"My Fault I'm Female" Taking Internet by Storm


If you're a woman, it'll tick you off.

If you're a man, hopefully it'll educate you.

It's "My Fault I'm Female," or " MFIF " for short, a compendium of everyday horror stories from women about how they've been treated on the job, by public servants, and by their family.

It's also the fastest-growing WordPress blog, as of earlier this month -- and it's only been around for eight days.

"MFIF (My fault, I'm female) is a blog that shares stories of women who've been made to feel it's their fault that they are female at work, at home, or wherever," the site describes. The site, which thus far primarily features stories from the U.K., is already receiving up to 30,000 hits per day.

It's also available on Facebook and Twitter (#MFIF hashtag).

Warning: NSFW.

About the Author

People thought it was weird enough that I was both a writer and a computer geek. So then I went and started getting involved in government to pull that in, too. And, y'know, there's a heck of a lot more connections than one might think!

Kirst 0 Newbie Poster

I think people are reading "My Fault, I'm Female" incorrectly. That comma is important. The site is not about "it's my fault that I am female" - it's about "it was implied or insinuated that the incident I am telling you about was my fault because I'm female." My fault, I'm female, not my fault I'm female. It's a subtle difference, but it's an important one.

slfisher 0 Posting Whiz

Good point!

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