Hello DaniWeb Community !

Just few words in order to introduce myself...

I'm a System Administrator and sometimes Junior Project Manager.

I mostly work on Microsoft's systems but sometimes I have the pleasure of installing/maintaining Linux Systems, mostly Ubutunu sometimes RedHat(/CentOS) and Debian.

I work in a "SSII" (French acronym for something like "Ingeneering and Services IT Company" I think), and love to fly in "small" aircrafts during my spare time (I own a Private Pilot Licence).


Nice a pilot, how hard is it to get that, I have been thinking of getting one.

Welcome to the community.

Hello Finito,

It's not that hard, it "only" takes time and money actually...

In France (and in other countries of europe as well) you have to fly at least 45hours including 20 hours with an instructor if my memories are correct. It costs something like approx. 100€ / hour. Let's say you do 2hours per month, you'll need 2 years to complete the course.


hmm 4500 Euros. So if I want I can finish it in a month?

Damn cool, what about equipment restriction? Learn one you know em all or is there a separate test for Jumbo Jets? What about Zone restriction are you cleared for all air space or is there a restriction on some areas apart from the obvious (China, North Korea, Cuba)

I'd say more like 6000, because 45hours are required by the law but you will probably do more like 60hours. And I must also say that 100€ per hour is the price in France, I don't know it in other countries !

But yes it can be done in a month if you've got the money, the time and the good weather conditions !

Obviously this is "only" the private pilot licence, not the professionnal licence, so you won't be able to be paid to fly. But if you've got too much money and you wanna waste some yeah you could also do a training in order to become instrument-rated and an other one to learn how to fly a Jumbo Jet ! Everything is possible with time and money.

As for the zone restrictions it depends on the governments and the assurance company you're payin to ensure your plane ! In France for instance you can easily travel all over europe, but you'll have to make sure you can go somewhere before flying there.


But if you've got too much money and you wanna waste some

Are you saying getting a pilot's licence is a waste of money!!

Nope, not at all, but trying to fly Jumbo Jets with a private licence is one.

There's a whole world between flying light aircrafts in VFR (Visual Flight Rules) with a private licence, and flying "big buses" with a commercial licence in IFR (Instruments Flights Rules).

The possibility I'll probably do though is to learn how to fly light aircrafts in IFR, but there's no need to pass the commercial licence nor the "big aircraft" qualification. It saves the most of € that I said would be "wasted". (Commercial licence: about 10 000€, and Qualification of type for Big jets: about 30 000€ to 45 000€ for each type of jet; IR qualification - Instruments Rated- in order to fly in IFR rules: between 7 000 and 10 000€).


True true.

But I am sure the best planes civilians will never be able to fly like the F16's or Migs

In order to fly F16's or Migs you have to own yours (few million or even billion bucks) and have a special training by the company that sales them. It's completely another thing from flying civilian planes.

If you want to fly a jet fighter I suggest you buy or rent something like a L39 Albatros or an Alphajet, they're training jet fighters and some of them are available for civilians... But one more time you'll need "some" cash.

I might one day fly in a jet fighter (a Vampire or a Fouga Magister) with an instructor but it will cost me something like 1000€ for 30 minutes of Vampire or 1600€ for 30 minutes in Fouga.


Yeah I looked up the price right after I posted that comment. If I could I definitely would.

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