hi guys!!

my name is debugger09, i am frm india live in bangalore city.it is a good peacefull place to stay
i found this community while i was seraching for a Tutorial in google
i started learning c++ about a year ago in my university.
when i looked at the first program i was so confused wit all that symbols '% & + -' and thought it was waste of time to learn C++ and was thinking to change my course to biology
But it was not possible i hav to wait for an year to change my course in that university.
it was too late to do that
so i decided to go with software course
i started learning with smaller programs to more complex programs
i hav experience with only DOS programs and i am thinking to start with VB C++,windows programming
hoping this community will help me

sorry for the bad english, i am not too good at it

thanks for reading my post :D

Hi Debugger, nice to meet you :D