Forgot PC Password, Windows 7 password, E-mail Password, More of password! It's quite possible for people to forget a password, as they have so much work to do every day.
Now, Windows 7 is a popular and new thing for every people, How do you recover Windows 7 password is very important!
This is the query the majority populace would contain no thought concerning the reply on one occasion they contain beyond it. Present are a few answers to the question, how do I recover Windows 7 password.

The primary likely reply to the query how do you recover a lost Windows password is creation use of the hints for the password. This is usually located beside the punctual for the password on the screen. You be supposed to try to relax and get your occasion in thoughts of the tips you contain before entered for this question.
The next likely reply to the query how do I recover Windows 7 password is resetting the password you second-hand for installing the Windows.
This is the easiest answer since you now contain to use the diskette. You may get your password rear in now a substance of minutes. You be supposed to contain a floppy for resetting the password.
The third likely reply to the question, how do you recover a forgot PC account password is by one more technique.
Search for and download about recover Windows 7 password tools. OR about hacker. You will get much more information in website. Save time and get the best Solution. Try searching Windows Password Unlocker tools or "How to recover Windows Password?" in answer website. OR search about some Hacking password tools and so on. I think the best way for you is to recover your PC password.
IF you using password unlocker tools. There are some steps for you to following in recovering password:
1. Try leaving the password blank. More often than not, the Administrator password doesn't exist at all! Just press Enter without typing anything when asked for it.
2 . Enter the password to your account. Often times, depending on how Windows 7 was setup on your computer, the primary user account will also be the administrator user account.
3 . Try to remember your administrator password. If you installed Windows 7 on your computer yourself, you probably set the administrator password during the Windows 7 installation process. If that's true, you might be able to make really good guesses at what the password might be.
4 . Have another user enter his or her password. If there are other users that have accounts on your Windows 7 computer, one of them may be setup with administrator access.
5 . Recover Windows 7 administrator password using a password recovery tool. Password recovery tools are software programs recover Windows 7 password without reinstalling the OS.
6 . Perform a clean installation of Windows 7. This is a last resort option. This type of installation will completely remove Windows 7 from your PC and install it again from scratch.
If you're just curious about your administrator password, I wouldn't suggest this extreme solution. However, if you're needing the administrator password to access diagnostic tools and this is your last effort to save your PC, performing a clean install will work.
Keep in mind that it is a time consuming process due to the fact that all of your data must be backed up and then later restored.

If password can be recover. Isn't it a bit risky if people were trying to hack into your computer?

Yes, password can be recover on windows. You still have another methods to protect your computer, e.g. set a bios/cmos password.

You still can disable the motherboard password but setting the jumper. The people who know how to hack will know this. I have done it before simply because my customer forget the password. It simply not safe at all.

As you said, any password can be cracked, it depends on the cost of required. The new IPhone 4 has also been hacked now!

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