Name: Sierra
Nickname: C.C., Lala, Angel, Kitten(no seriously),panda bear, and Sare-bear
Height: 5'0 (yay for being asian!)
Weight: 134
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brow..sometimes XD
Location: wouldnt you like to know
Age: 19
Hobbies: Computers, MMORPGS, Reading, Cooking(looking up recipes), Playing cello-violin-and base guitar, studying languages, Dance Dance revolution, fishing, bouldering, watching anime, playing video games on 360, wii, and PS3, hiking, researching facts about new things.

Relationship Status: Engaged

Fav Music: Indie(imogen heap, tegan and sara, yeah yeah yeahs Etc), J-pop, K-pop, Classic rock, Opera(bocelli, sarah brightman), some mainstream rock, christian rock.

Education: Cosmeotolgy, Information Technology & Buisness technology

Work: Cosmetologist(currently studying/attending college and going into the military soon for I.T)

Favorite Food: Sushi(ikura, spicy scallops, snapper and tuna mmm) Thai Curry, Vietnamese pho, chinese food, Indian food, Mexican food, corn dogs, and Vietnamese subs!

Favorite Movies: All hayao miyazaki films, Kill bill 1&2, The last Vampire (anime & live action movie), Garden State, Watching The detectives, Big-Fish, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of a Geisha, Lovely Bones and some others I cant really think of right now.

Favorite TV Shows: Family guy, sponge bob, i-carly, G4-TV, Fox news..I dont really watch television..

Favorite Video Games: Legend of dragoon, super mario SNES, Twisted metal series, Metal gear series, splinter cell series, syphon filter, Final fantasy 3,7,8,9,10, and 13(I really dont like 10-2, 11 and 12..eww), CODMW2, Mostly RPGS, FPS, and war strategy like old star craft and war craft and red alert.

Stuff you Dislike: Ignorant loud people, childish attitudes(it's okay to be silly sometimes but not all the time.) people who do not know how to discipline there hporrible crying children, when my computer lags and gets slow, when my fiance doesnt call me when he says so. I dont like the taste of cherry and bubble gum. I rarely like anything fried.when people smoke in cars while all the windos are up and im trying to breathe. I dislike being yelled at for no apparent reason. And I dislike more than anything, being lied to.

Welcome to the forums, Nice to meet you have a nice time.

Maybe too much details to give up to complete strangers.

This must feel like home already,

Hello, sushi lover!!!!1 I love them TOO!!!!!!!!! Nice to meet you and hope to hear from you soon!

All the best,

Hello Sierra, nice to meet you :D

Hey bambi you´re on the wrong site!

Hi there, welcome to DaniWeb!