Hello, DaniWeb!
My name is Quinn.
I'm a 17-year-old amateur programmer, and I'm going to the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY next year for Computer Science.
I have seen this site many times when googleing (googling? google-ing?) answers to problems I encountered while programming, but for some reason I never thought to actually sign up and ask my own question until now.
I thought I'd introduce myself by sharing some jokes I've come up with that I think people here would like, displayed in TEX because most have some mathiness about them and also because Why Not? (which, as Milo from The Phantom Tollbooth learns, is as good a reason as any)

[TEX] \rm{\mu, in physics, represents the coefficient of friction. \\
\therefore a \mu nicorn would be the coefficient of fiction.[/TEX]

[TEX]\lim_{\rm me \right \rm full}{(\rm cheese)}=\infty[/TEX]

[TEX]\rm{rofl-Mao: The People's Laughter[/TEX]

[TEX]\rm{We all live in a yellow_{marine}}[/TEX]

[TEX]\rm{They would serve pumpkin\pi at GeometryCon if it existed}[/TEX]

[TEX]\rm{A lonely scientist would go on a Double-Blind Date}[/TEX]

I didn't come up with the first line of this next one, but I like it a lot, so I've extended it with maths (the second line):
[TEX]\rm{Alcohol and Calculus Don't Mix: Don't Drink and Derive} \\

lol, Welcome to the forums, I am confused I started by assuming you are a guy but after seeing unicorns and the softcore-ness of the jokes, I assume you are a girl.

Lol, I never looked at it that way.

No, I'm a guy. I just used [TEX]\mu\rm{nicorn}[/TEX] because it works with the joke.

Hello Quinn, welcome to the forum. Have a great stay.

Hello Quinn, nice to meet you :D