But I know enough about computers to know I do not know enough. I am in my 50's and never needed much knowledge about how this technology works but just how to stumble around software. I am often lost in terminology and even the removal of seemingly simple malware removal I admit...some frustratiuon.

I have been troubled by some nasty that likes to redirect my browser and pop up sites that are uninvited. I looked for help and found this fourm which seems the best way for me to educate myself a bit better and find some real help and answers to the problem of intrusive programing. Yesterday I tried the suggested removal for this redirect issue only to find my PC totally locking up. After several attempts to reboot and getting the same lock up issue I tried a system restore and that got me back here. Like I said I know enough to keep me running at times but not enough to get me out of this jam. I am going to attemt the cleanse again and look forward the any help I can get on this subject. I am not afraid to admit I know more than many, but a the same not enough for my satisfaction.


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