my computer says that the windows xp SP3 i use is not genuine..option is i should either reinstall a new XP or reinstall without removing the files alredy existing..but this takes me to pay 7,000+ pesos worth of money, which i cant can i retrieve a new cd-key without reinstalling XP for free??[naxi][/tax]

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You cannot. You have to buy a genuine copy of Windows.

DaniWeb will not help you find an illegal copy of Windows or a source of illegal keys, read the Keep it Legal rule.

Your copy of windows is a pirate copy and retrieving your CD-Key will not change that. You can buy a legal copy of XP in many places in the Philippines for about 2000 pesos. So put up with the part of the screen that tell you you have an illegal copy or buy a new legal one.

Call microsoft and ask them for help.
Sometimes it can be generated in error- Either way Microsoft are the only people who can help you. Unless you switch to Linux. :)

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