Hello DaniWeb community.

I have been reading these forums for a while now looking through the C++ section and finally decided to make an account and join the community.

Online everywhere I go by the name Ertzel, not sure why, its a random name I got through a random generator 6 years ago and have been using it since then.

Right now I just do C++ coding kind of as a hobby in my spare time. I have never taken classes for anything related to programming and have learnt everything I know by checking online sites and forums (like this one) as well as just random trial and error. I plan on going to college for programming but until then I am teaching myself.

Anyways, hello everyone :)

welcome to daniweb

Hi, "Ertzel".

Welcome to the DaniWeb forums. Good to have you here. You will learn a lot here.

I first learned C++ on my own too; however, it is sometimes hard to think up projects for yourself. Working through books, etc. is okay, but taking courses is good in the sense that they push you to do things you wouldn't normally do. And if you want to ever find work in the field, potential employers put a lot of importance in the little piece of paper (your graduation certificate) you get when you finish. Most of the time, it doesn't matter how good you are or how much real-world experience you might have, employers won't look at you without that piece of paper.


my hobby is create new software in web application using jsp/srvlet n java script

Welcome to daniweb, prem. Hope you enjoy your stay