My introduction email suggested I introduce myself to the daniweb community. I'm not sure how big of a community is here, or if any of you will ever remember me again, but I decided - heck why not.

I'm a hobby programmer, but I've never really gotten beyond basic programming skills. Dabbled in Basic and C for a long time. Did some VB way back in the day. Plenty of scripting. Now I'm working in C# and finding it a bear (so much stuff seems hidden from the user and done in the background). Getting by adequately though.

hello and welcome!

Hello Andrew! Welcome! I program as a "hobby" in C# in VS and I find it a plus I don't have to do all the basic stuff myself. If I need a button, I just drag it on my screen and sometimes just add a few lines of code to get things done. But I admit if you want to master all the finesses of C#,the learning curve can be steep. :)
Perhaps have a look at this book.

Thanks both of you, and thanks for the link ddanbe. I'm sure the site will be useful.

I have played around enough in C# to make a mini telnet server that works as a chat room. The problems come when I'm troubleshooting and extending an MVC4 web app, which feels like a completely different language. There's so much logic running in the background the coding seems like a very minimal part of the training.

i wanna code of quine mccluncy program