I am new to C++ as i have just started programming classes, my background is in networking and hardware, so this is a completely new topic for me. I am having trouble with the creative side of writing code, as i understand the concepts and information just fine. this fourm came highly reccomended from my current teacher so i look forward to getting help with my code and maybe being able to contribute to ideas myself at somepoint

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Hi there. Welcome to DaniWeb! May I ask what school you’re attending? I’m super excited that your teacher is recommending DaniWeb.

As for your struggle, programming is definitely an art ... just as much as writing a novel is so.

As you’ve just started programming, my guess is the programs you’re tasked to write are rather straightforward. It really is all about problem solving. Think about how you would solve the problem in your head, and then try to convert it to code one small step at a time.

Good luck, and if you have any specific things you are stuck on, don’t be afraid to ask.

Also, stay safe!

hello Dani,
I am currently attending Colorado Tech Online, your fourm is listed in the class material as an ellexcent refrence source as well as a great place for learning and assistance and given my current struggles converting even the most basic concepts into code i hope this works well for me
Thanks for reaching out

That's awesome. I hope you find DaniWeb helpful and useful. Any time you have a question, just click the Contribute link at the top of any page along with the code you have written so far and exactly where you're stuck. We'll do our best to walk you through it.