Hello. I'm Niun. No joke, this is how they call me IRL :x

I got into web developing arround 5 months ago, and currently am trying to learn React.js

I just finished (i hope i finished) my first project, and i think it is pretty much what i wanted it to be. I have been working on optimisation of the site and ,ofcoure, SEO.
multiple sources including google say that Text to HTML ratio should be 7:3 or similar which is difficult to achieve given the nature of my website, so i ended up adding a bunch of useless text at the bottom of each page, because in google it says that hiding the text with css rules will get me penalised.

The website covers mobile gaming, more specifically mobile MMO, MMORPG and Multiplayer Online games.
I was wondering if hiding this much text would be a 100% penalisation from google, or should i keep it there like that?
this is the site https://www.teletappie.com/

The topic of the site is not original and competition fot it is rather big but, my main purpose is creating a gamelist ( https://www.teletappie.com/Gamelist ) where all of the mobile games that have some multiplayer function would be sorted, and the user could easily and quickly get the suggestion.

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Hi there and welcome to DaniWeb!

I would like to politely request that you please stop adding useless text to the bottom of each page. You'll get severely penalized for keyword stuffing. Doing what you're doing is like 10000X worse than having a poor, yet natural, keyword density.

Write a useful article about each keyword to add content to your site instead.

Good luck!

commented: By useless text i don't mean it's actually useless. The text describes each page, described the way i rate games, review points etc etc. +0

Thanks for the reply!
The text in the web is not actually useless, it's not stuffing with keywords since i read that it will be penalised. The text is simply describing each page, rating system, review points etc etc. It's all written and thought by me. I call it useless because it is destroying my design :(

As someone with 25 years of experience in SEO, this is a clear example of keyword stuffing that you will get penalized for:

Topics that are covered
Teletappie new mobile mmo, mmorpg. Top mobile games online
Mobile moba games. Most popular multiplayer moba games
mobile games to play with friends. Top mobile mmorpg
top mobile mmo
top mobile moba

top mobile online games

Please don't do this.

commented: Thank you. So many do that. +15

Just to clarify, I'm not referring to the About this page section. I'm referring to the Topics that are covered section.

As far as the About this page section is concerned, it's fine to have What is this specific page about but you will get hit with a duplicate content penalty for repeating the paragraphs What is Teletappie, Why was it created, etc. at the bottom of every page. Google wants to see all unique content on each and every page. You can have a shared header (logo, navigation, etc.) but the body text of the page cannot be repeated across pages.

commented: I know about TeleTubbies, will have to look what that other thing is soon. +0
commented: Thank you very much Dani, I will fix that :) +0

I see you got rid of the keyword stuffing at the bottom of every page. Good stuff.

I still highly recommend you get rid of the what is teletappie paragraphs at the bottom of every page to avoid duplicate content. If you want, just keep the one paragraph unique to each page.

Create a faq page and move all the other paragraphs to the faq page and link to it from the bottom of every page.

Thanks a lot for the tips :) yes i removed the needless headers, and added headers to the pages to be more natural. Also removed all of the hidden content.
I'm not sure what you mean by duplicated content though, every page has a different description and different text.

"Create a faq page and move all the other paragraphs to the faq page and link to it from the bottom of every page."

could u expand on this one a little? if i create a different page for it, wouldn't google bot ignore that link then? I am confused about how the text to html works in a page.
I was wondering if once a google bot crawls, does it rate each page, or an entire domain? for example if i have a minimalistic index page which has lots of links to articles on the same domain, do those articles help my ranking?

When i aplied to adSense, i got a reply that there is not enough text on the site, even though i had 6 articles there at that time.

Hi there,

Perhaps I was mistaken, but what I mean by "duplicate content" was that I thought every page on the site repeated the following paragraphs:

What is Teletappie?

Teletappie is a website that uses the information from various sources to decide which mobile game are the best for you. We only Cover mobile games that have either MMO or Multiplayer Online elements, and only games that have real time PVP action or guilds, and global chat. A couple of Exceptions are made due to how many high level games are made and also, it's hard to review all of them. We try to find all the newest games that are available in all regions, and try them and give you the best picks. Our main focus is Mobile MMORPG, however we also are fans of all of the online games for mobile.
Why was teletappie created?

Teletappie was created when one very bored man tried to find games to play and realised that there are no websites that would have a proper gamelist. Trying to find a new mobile mmorpg on google play is the same as trying to find a specific fish in the ocean. The play store has so many apps and games that properly keeping track of them might seem impossible, that's why we are focused only on multiplayer games.

I'm looking now, and I'm not seeing those paragraphs repeated, so I might have been mistaken, or you removed them recently.

Just focus on creating clean code where every paragraph is useful to the end-user. If you need more content on a page, review the game, write about the game, talk about details, write a real high quality article, and not a fluff piece.

There's nothing that Google hates more than fluff content. Trust me.

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