I have downloaded visual studio 19 and need advise on tutorial for beginers. I tried one tutorial and I think it was made for an older version of the program since it said things woul look a certain way but they did not.

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Unfortunately I have no visual studio experience to be able to help you. Good luck!!

I hear you. But here's the deal. Visual Studio is a huge Swiss Army Knife so my view now is that beyond any tutorial you have to find focus on what you want to do with this monster of a dev system.

My work was mostly with an older version but even there I had apps for Windows Mobile, command line tools, factory automation apps and so on. With each effort I was using somewhat and very different areas of Visual Studio. For me it was great to be able to do all that with one big dev system but new users may feel lost.

One good getting started resource is Get started with Visual Studio. This page has videos for beginners as well as links to more specific tutorials. One of the first things you'll have to decide, is which language(s) you'll be focused on first. At present there are about 5 different ones supported inside Visual Studio.

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