Christmas is just a week away. So, will the man in the big red suit be leaving you something nice?

What did you do that was so naughty/nice this year?

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I must be naughty. At the break round table in our department I had one rather dense fellow in tears arguing the all white mice where simply ordinary mice painted white.

Getting coal might not be so bad at all these days.


So, will the man in the big red suit be leaving you something nice?

If I find a strange man in a red suit in my house, the only thing he will be leaving is what can't be scraped off the wall.


Until you got a bill for the carbon credits :-/

Of course with enough pressure and heat that piece of coal can be turned into a diamond. Then I would have a way to pay for those silly carbon credits.


i choose a nice one. cause i hope in next year i can get anything more nice, good and be successful always.:)


Well I must have been naughty. My gifts suck.

Did you get a gift that you gave the previous year? Happened to me once. I was too nice to say something appropriate.

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